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Company Name Products Chairman Export Manager
Bertaia for Food Products
Pickles, Jam, Ketchup, an... Osama Ahmed Mahmoud Osman
Borges for Food Industry ...
Olives and Pickles Joseph Bonn Mahmoud Abdul Rauf
Dr. Olivee Co. for Food I...
Olives and Pickles Dr.Ali Ibrahim Mr.Mohamed Attia
Eastren Food processing C...
Olive,Pickled and Salted ... Abd El Hamid Hassan Cathren youssef
Egyptian canning Company ...
  Ziad Ahmed Abdel Reh... Haytham El Naggar
Egyptian Spanish Co. For ...
Pickles,Olive Mohamed Essam Nour E... Amr Nour El Din
El Akkad for Export & Imp...
Export (Herbs and Spices,... Ahmed Salah El Din E... Khaled Ahmed Salah E...
El Azieziya for Cooling a...
  Dr.Mohamed Ibrahim E... Mr.Mohamed Yousry Ab...
El Fayrouz for Foodstuff
Pickles Samar Saad Ibrahiem Samar Saad Ibrahiem
El Lebnanya for Food Indu...
Dairy Products, Pickles Nayef Mohammed Haida... Wael Abdel Jawad

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